Letter from the Founder #4


Hey. Hey you. I want you to know that you matter. No matter how alone you feel, know that every smile and every kind word you have uttered has brought light into the lives of others.

Today, I want you to increase that count of joy. Even if it's just with one small interaction, it has meaning. Message someone you love and tell them something you love about them. Call a favorite person and tell them you appreciate them. No matter how small, it makes the other person's day that much brighter.

Radiate a bit of joy today, even if it's hard to feel it yourself. Ask for help if you need it. Bring joy and love and receive the same in return, even if it's just from a voice on the other side of a hotline.

Don't let fear stop you from living.

I love you.

Letter from the Founder #3


Hey. Hey you. I'm glad you're alive. You exist in this world for a reason, and the best part is that you get to create it.

Explore things that catch your eye. Research everything that brings you joy. Listen to music that gives you hope. Build a better world. Your purpose isn't waiting in someone else's ideas. It dwells inside of you.

Every time you sigh with wonder, take note. Every breath that fills you with joy, remember. Those moments can be the ones that define you.

Find hope in your survival. Find light in the fact you haven't given up. Let your successes help you grow, and your failures help you innovate.

Take life a day at a time. Don't take moments in stride. Explore wonder. Be wonder. Build movements.

Grow in every moment. Challenge yourself. Strive for what is out of reach. Believe in your potential. You matter, and you can make a difference.

I love you.