Love Letter to the Reader: #1

James Avery Fuchs  Founder of the Gayly Nerd

James Avery Fuchs
Founder of the Gayly Nerd

Hey. I know the world is a tough place right now. I know it can seem bleak and hopeless and you may feel desperately, brokenly alone. I know the news can feel like an avalanche of hate and strangers can be terrible far more often than they should. But I also know something else.

I know you are loved. I know that you are worthy of love and dignity. I know you are worth the breath in your lungs and the light that the world can be so bad at reflecting back sometimes. I know that while there are moments that hurt, there are also moments worth living for. I believe in the power of a heart, the worth of creativity, and the value of a human life.

And I believe in you.

If you have to, take the day one breath at a time. Listen to songs that bring you joy. Ask for help if you need it. Reach out to hotlines, and friends, and family if they're a support. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself you're a survivor. Pet cats. Pet dogs. Go to the zoo with a child and absorb their wonder. Read a book that brings you joy. Write about your happiest memory. Write seven reasons to stay alive. Make yourself one of them.

Forgive yourself for mistakes. Look at beautiful art. Create art. Let yourself cry. Take deep breaths. Remind yourself you're allowed to feel.

Take care of yourself.

I love you.