Love Letter to the Reader: #5


Hey you. I want you to know that your dreams matter, and your hopes for the future. Hope is the surest way to save a life, so find things to hope for.

What do you want to achieve? What is your private fantasy? What do you dream of, late at night, when you stop telling yourself it's impossible? Visualize it. Make it breathable. Then do something small toward it. Walk forward.

Walk forward. Who do you want to be, in this moment? Without your past, without your baggage, without your self-doubt, who do you want to be right now? Breathe in the dream. Breathe out the doubt. Walk forward.

Walk forward. What is the most beautiful place you've never been? How can you get there? What can you do right now toward that? One day at a time, build your dreams. Walk forward.

I love you.